Frequently Asked Questions

If you didn’t grow up in a church, or even if you did but it wasn’t *this* *Lutheran* church, you may have a few questions. If you have questions not covered here, please ask. We’d love to add them – others probably are wondering, too. You can contact us by leaving a message at  (260) 627-5621 , messaging us on FaceBook or sending an email to [email protected] .

Can I just show up, or do I need an invitation or something? Please come! Consider this your invitation. You are welcome at any of our services or activities.

What’s it cost? Absolutely nothing! Yes, a donation plate is sitting in the narthex (entry hall), but our guests are not expected to contribute anything other than their presence.

Can I bring the kids? But of course. Our activities are by definition family-friendly.

Don’t I have to be a good Christian before I can come to church? Nope! A church is a hospital for sinners, not a shrine for perfect people. We all sin daily, in ways large and small. Nothing in your recent or distant past prohibits you from being our guest. God wants to save everyone, but has given us free will to accept his gifts. Those who have invited Christ into their lives know Jesus’ daily love and forgiveness, and promise of eternal life. If you’re not in that group, or have questions how that can be, come anyway and we can learn more together.

What should I wear? A couple decades ago, churches were filled with men in suits/ties and women in hats/gloves. That’s not the way it is anymore. Our members and guests wear whatever is comfortable for them. Some wear sports-coats or skirts, others wear jeans and a T-shirt. It’s often surprisingly warm in the sanctuary during winter, so layers would be a good idea. The person inside the clothes is more important than the clothes.

How long does a service last? Our Sunday services typically last about an hour. But you might like to stick around for a little bit and visit; there’s usually munchies in a fellowship time following service and before other activities.

That special program sounds like it’s for me, but I missed the first session(s). Can I come anyway? Please do. Each meeting of our special groups can stand alone, and if there’s something that generates a question, just ask.